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When HIV is criminalized
BLOG - 8 December 2017

Rosemary Namubiru is a 67-year-old nurse living with HIV. She is a mother, grandmother and IAS Member. She was wrongfully accused of intentionally exposing a child to HIV while administering an injection in January 2014. The child did not acquire HIV. However, the accusations created a media firestorm, and she was arrested live on television.
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The repercussions of prosecuting HIV
BLOG - 8 December 2017

There is no clearer manifestation of the stigma associated with HIV than the multitude of bad laws and policies that punish people living with HIV for acts that would not be a crime if they didn’t know they had the virus. Usually, these laws are used to prosecute individuals who are aware that they are living with HIV but allegedly did not disclose their HIV status prior to sex (“HIV non-disclosure”), are perceived to have potentially exposed others to HIV (“HIV exposure”), or are thought to have “criminally” transmitted HIV (“HIV transmission”).
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Restoring hope for gender equality
BLOG - 1 December 2017

Societies that don’t work for girls and young women don’t work. Every young person deserves a decent shot at a happy, healthy and productive future. And yet, we have seen first-hand that far too many girls grow up without this hope. But don’t take our word for it. Revealingly, when asked, both male and female adolescents from 33 countries surveyed said that they wanted greater gender equality.
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TB and HIV: Nothing about us without us
BLOG - 16 November 2017

When it comes to tuberculosis (TB) control, the world is falling short. Despite being a curable disease, TB is the cause of one-third of the 1.5 million AIDS deaths each year and continues to kill an estimated 1.7 million people and infect another 10 million each year. In over some three decades working in TB control, between us, we have survived TB, treated patients with TB and lost loved ones to TB.
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The IAS welcomes Peter Sands as the Global Fund’s new Executive Director
STATEMENT - 14 November 2017

The International AIDS Society (IAS) welcomes the appointment of Peter Sands as the new Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Following more than a decade in the financial sector – including more than eight years as the Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Bank – Peter has dedicated his life to improving global health and accelerating the fight against pandemics, including AIDS, TB and malaria.
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Getting to GIPA 2.0
BLOG - 16 October 2017

Bruno Spire is a researcher living with HIV and a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Medical Research (INSERM). Bruno has been a member of the International AIDS Society (IAS) since 2008 and has been on the IAS Governing Council for the European region since 2016. Since 1988, he has been a member of AIDES, the main nongovernmental HIV organization in France, and he is now honorary President.
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Time for a GIPA refresh
BLOG - 16 October 2017

Perhaps the single most important characteristic of the AIDS response – one that holds lessons about efforts to address other health challenges – is the central contribution of people living with HIV and those in the communities who have borne the brunt of HIV, including LGBTI people, sex workers, and people who use drugs. For no other health problem has the involvement of affected individuals played so vital a role.
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International AIDS Society statement on the passing of Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan
STATEMENT - 9 October 2017

The International AIDS Society mourns the passing of Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan and honours his life of service and dedication to an open society and to the fight against AIDS. Amsterdam, the city that Mayor van der Laan led for seven years, occupies a critical role in the history of the global fight against AIDS. It was among the first cities in the world to support needle exchange, which helped address a growing epidemic among people who inject drugs.
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The future of research: HIV cure and cancer
BLOG - 22 September 2017

As the second leading cause of death globally, cancer is a serious global health problem, accounting for 8.8 million deaths in 2015 alone. Across the world, scientists are collaborating to develop effective treatments and tools to combat this disease and save lives, making remarkable advances. In the long search for innovative ways to achieve a cure or remission for HIV, a rigorous analysis of these approaches and inter-disciplinary collaboration between the two fields could be a game changer for researchers and scientists working towards a cure for HIV.
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The key priorities that need UN action
BLOG - 14 September 2017

The United Nations was born in 1945 to help maintain peace and resolve global conflicts. The founding documents of the UN recognized that peace involves much more than the lack of warfare. A world living in peace is one in which people have the tools they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives. A peaceful world is one in which our natural environment is protected and our fundamental human rights respected and celebrated. It is a world that is just and equitable.
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In remembrance of Pierre Bergé
STATEMENT - 9 September 2017

The International AIDS Society (IAS) mourns the passing of Pierre Bergé, a giant in the fight against AIDS and a renowned human rights advocate. Pierre died at the age of 86 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, on 7 September 2017. A successful businessman, a patron of the arts and an active member of the supervisory board of Le Monde, Pierre used his wealth and influence to make the world a better, more just place.
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