Community Engagement

The IAS and the Towards an HIV Cure Stakeholder’s Advisory Board organize and coordinate a number of events to create a fertile ground for information sharing and knowledge dissemination. The purpose of these events is to provide educational platforms and to encourage new collaborations and research projects in the field through information sharing.

In light of the high demand, the IAS is also committed to organizing HIV Cure Training events in conjunction with regional conferences in the Global South. The HIV Cure Training workshops are aimed at community representatives and scientists engaged and/or interested in HIV cure research, with the objective of presenting the key scientific knowledge in an accessible manner to enable participants to better understand the challenges for an HIV cure and the current research directions.

  • Community Training Workshop, January 2014, Chennai, India.
    The well attended workshop took place in conjunction with the HIV Science 2014 Symposium on HIV and Infectious Diseases, organized by YRG Care, and gave rise to a lively and interactive discussion.
  • Towards an HIV Cure: Community Engagement Satellite, July 2014, Melbourne, Australia.
    Organized in collaboration with Treatment Action Group (TAG) and the National Association of People Living with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) at AIDS 2014, the workshop was successful in engaging community in dialogue.
  • Canadian<->Global Stakeholder’s Engagement Workshop, July 2015, Vancouver, Canada.
    Together with our Canadian partners CANFAR, CIHR, CanCURE and CATIE, the IAS organized the workshop to encourage community contribution from the diverse Canadian populations invested in HIV cure research.
  • Towards an HIV Cure: Engaging the Community Workshop, July 2016, Durban, South Africa.
    Co-organized with AVAC, EATG, Sidaction, the Martin Delaney CAB and TAG, the workshop highlighted the research priorities outlined in the IAS Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure 2016 and included an interactive panel discussion to address key topics pertinent to HIV cure research.
  • Understanding HIV Cure Workshop, July 2016, Durban, South Africa.
    Hosted at the Research Literacy Networking Zone in the Global Village at the AIDS 2016 Conference, the interactive workshop was open to the general public and offered a first step into the understanding of what HIV cure research is.