The Towards an HIV Cure initiative undertakes a number of activities with the aim to develop innovative advocacy and communication tools to provide guidance on HIV cure research priorities.

In order to disseminate knowledge on HIV cure research and encourage collaborations and research projects in the field, the initiative  collaborates with local civil society organizations in a number of countries to organize HIV cure training events and activities.

The IAS has coordinated the publication of a number of articles related to HIV cure research with the support of topic-specific working groups, whose members are global leaders in the push for an HIV cure.  The initiative continues to promote public-private sector dialogue through the work of its Industry Collaboration Group (ICG).

Following the groundbreaking first Towards an HIV Cure: Global Scientific Strategy, published in 2012 in Nature Reviews Immunology, the IAS convened a second multi-disciplinary International Scientific Working Group of approximately 60 leading basic, clinical, and social scientists, ethicists, and global stakeholders to develop the second IAS Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure 2016. The strategy, published in Nature Medicine in July 2016, is a comprehensive roadmap identifying the most pressing gaps in HIV cure research.

One of the key issues in HIV cure research, which is widely acknowledged, is that a cure will not be found in the short-term, requiring funding efforts to be sustained over a period of time. It is in this context that the IAS joined forces with AVAC acting on behalf of the Resource Tracking for HIV Prevention R&D to estimate global investments in HIV cure research. The annual resource tracking policy paper represents a unique tool to monitor global investment in HIV cure research and identify trends in cure funding as well as encourage and promote further commitment to the field of HIV cure research.