International AIDS Society


Day 2

Session 3: What is the Role of the Immune System in HIV Persistence?

  • Overview Presentation - Can the Immune System Control HIV Reservoirs?
    Presenter: Brigette Autran
    Pitié – Salpêtrière Institute of Research on Immunity – Cancer and Infection, Paris, France

    • Presentation not available

  • Abstract Presentation S3.1 - Homeostatic proliferation of memory T – cells and expansion of the HIV – 1 latent reservoir
    Presenter: Vincente Planelles
    University of Utah, Pathology, Salt Lake City, USA

  • Abstract Presentation S3.2 - Systemic immune activation and duodenal CD4+ T - cell depletion are associated with increased proportions of gut Enterobacteriales and Bacteroidales by 16S rDNA sequence analysis in HIV infected subjects
    Presenter: David. M. Asmuth
    University of California Davis Medical Center, Internal Medicine, Sacaramento, USA

  • Abstract Presentation S3.3 - Myeloid dendritic cells induce HIV-1 latency in non – proliferating CD4+ T – cells
    Presenter: Vanessa. A. Evans
    Monash University, Medicine, Victoria, Australia

  • Abstract Presentation S3.4 - Protective HLA alleles limit HIV reservoirs in long – term non – progressors central memory CD4+ T - cells
    Presenter: Benjamin Descours
    UPMC, Paris VI, umrs945, Paris, France

  • Abstract Presentation S3.5 - HIV – 1 elite controllers resist HIV – 1 infection via p21 (cip -1/waf-1)
    Presenter: Mathias Lichterfeld
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Infectious Disease Division, Boston, USA

Session 4: What Host Factors are at Play?

Session 5: What are Potential Therapeutic Interventions and How to Evaluate Them?

  • Overview speaker - Targeting ‘Residual HIV’ In Its Reservoirs: Where We Are And Where Do We Go?
    Presenter: Frank Maldarelli
    National Cancer Institute, HIV Drug Resistance Program, Bethesda, USA

  • Abstract Presentation S5.1 - Impact of raltegravir on immune reconstitution and thymopoiesis in HIV – 1 – infected patients with undetectable ciremia on HAART
    Presenter: Carolina Garrido
    Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Spain

  • Abstract Presentation S5.2 - Effect of 24 – weeks intensification with A CCR5 – antagonist on the decay of the HIV – 1 latent reservoir
    Presenter: Carolina Gutierrez
    Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Spain

  • Abstract Presentation S5.3 - Epigenetic drug Gar1041 in combination with antiretroviral therapy (ART) transiently reduces the proviral DNA reservoir in SIVmac251-infected macaques
    Presenter: Andrea Savarino
    Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Department of Infectious, Parasitic and Immune Diseases, Rome, Italy

  • Abstract Presentation S5.4 - Purging the HIV – 1 reservoir through the disruption of the PD-1 pathway
    Presenter: Sandrina Da Fonesca
    Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, Part St Lucie, USA

  • Abstract Presentation S5.5 - Measurements of total and integrated HIV DNA demonstrate sporadic blips of unintegrated HIV DNA in HIV+ patients on HAART
    Presenter: Una O’Doherty
    University of Pennsylvania, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Philadelphia, USA

Closing Session: Is Eradication Possible?

  • Closing presentation - HIV Reservoirs at AIDS 2010
    Presenter: Sharon Lewin
    Monash University, Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

  • Keynote presentation - Eradication versus Remission: Is Eradication possible?
    Presenter: Daria Hazuda
    Antiviral and Infectious Disease Basic Research, Merck Research Labs, New Jersey, USA


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