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Under the auspices of the International AIDS Society, an international working group of researchers developed a Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure, which was launched in July 2012 in Washington, DC. Following a first successful workshop in Vienna at AIDS 2010, the IAS and the Towards an HIV Cure Advisory Board convened two symposia in line with the scientific priorities outlined in the Global Scientific Strategy. The symposia, organized in conjunction with the AIDS 2012 and IAS 2013 conferences, provided a platform to present state-of-the-art basic science and clinical research on the HIV cure research priority areas defined in the strategy.

Following the success of the symposia, the IAS and the Towards an HIV Cure Advisory Board convened another 2-day symposium immediately prior to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne in July 2014.

The symposium was co-chaired by Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, IAS President, Steven Deeks, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and Sharon Lewin, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit, Alfred Hospital, Monash University. The symposium gave further impetus to HIV cure research, whilst also offering an important opportunity for the delegates to share ideas, debate, and network among their peers.

  • Provide an opportunity for scientists who are working on HIV cure to share ideas, debate, and network among their peers
  • Develop knowledge on the priorities that future research must address in order to tackle HIV persistence in patients on ART
  • Accelerate research on viral reservoirs and latency as the way towards achieving a cure for HIV infection
  • Promote increased investments in HIV/AIDS cure research
  • Provide a platform for information-sharing between scientists, clinicians, funders, media and members of civil society.

Themes of the Symposium

The symposium was structured around an opening keynote speaker, four oral abstract sessions, three roundtable discussions, a poster exhibition, and a closing keynote presentation.  There was also an award ceremony for the IAS-ANRS Prize on HIV Cure.

Day 1

Oral Abstract Session 1: Clearing HIV-Infected Cells: Kill
Oral Abstract Session 2: Reversing Latent HIV: Shock
Roundtable Discussion: Analytical Treatment Interruption in HIV Cure Research
Oral Abstract Session 3: Why Does HIV Persist on ART?

Day 2

Roundtable Discussion: Preparedness for HIV Cure in Resource-Limited Settings
Oral Abstract Session 4: Where Does HIV Persist on ART?
Roundtable Discussion: Public and Private Partnerships in HIV Cure Research

IAS-ANRS Prize on HIV Cure

The US$2,000 IAS/ANRS Young Investigator Award is jointly funded by the IAS and the Agence Nationale de Recherche sur le sida et les hépatites virales (ANRS) to support young researchers who demonstrate innovation, originality, rationale and quality in the field of HIV/AIDS research. The 2014 Prize was awarded to Gilles Darcis, Service of Molecular Virology, Institut de Biologie et de Médicine Moléculaires (IBMM) and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium.

The Symposium Programme Committee

Scientific Coordination
  • Anna-Laura Ross

Event Organization
  • Rosanne Lamplough


Online Symposium Material

Symposium Programme

Abstract Book

Symposium Report

Day 1

Day 2


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