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Bridging the Divide: Inter-Disciplinary Partnerships for HIV and Health Systems

HIV and Health Systems Pre-Conference Meeting 16th-17th July 2010, Vienna, Austria


HIV programs represent the first successful large-scale chronic disease program in resource-limited settings in history. Lessons learned from scaling up effective systems for chronic HIV programs are therefore critical to informing investments geared towards the improvement of overall health systems performance and advancing other health-related Millennium Development Goals. Existing data on the interactions between HIV programs and broader health systems are scarce but growing. There is a growing realization that the way forward requires ‘bridging the gap’ between HIV researchers and implementers and other sectors, including other chronic disease experts, health economists and health systems experts.

As follow-up to the IAS 2009 Pre-Conference Meeting on HIV programmes and Health Systems Strengthening, the International AIDS Society, with the funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and in collaboration with the International Centre for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund), convened the AIDS 2010 Pre-Conference Meeting on HIV and Health Systems.

The two-day meeting for up to 150 participants gathered researchers, practitioners and implementers from the fields of HIV and Health Systems. The meeting was held immediately prior to the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) on 16th-17th July at the Vienna Marriott Hotel in Vienna, Austria.

This meeting built on lessons learned from the IAS 2009 HIV and Health Systems Pre-Conference Meeting, outcomes of the Bellagio Meeting on “Leveraging HIV Scale-Up to Strengthen Health Systems in Africa” and other relevant initiatives.

The specific objectives of the pre-conference were to:
  • Foster interdisciplinary partnerships between HIV experts, experts from other health programs health economists, and health systems experts;
  • Present data and evidence from implementation research, rigorous evaluation and country case studies addressing vital questions on the impact of HIV programming on health systems;
  • Discuss options for the future with respect to leveraging HIV programming to improve health systems and other priority health conditions;
  • Highlight a priority research agenda re: HIV and health systems.

Updates: Pre-conference Presentations and Discussions

Opening Session - Day 1

Opening Session - Day 2

Closing Panel: Directions for the Future

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Accelerating the Impact of HIV Programming on Health Systems Strengthening

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IAS 2009 HIV and Health Systems Pre-Conference

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