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HIV epidemic status and behavioral surveillance among MSM in China

H. Xu1, B. Zhang2, Y. Zeng3, X. Li2

Background: MSM is one of high-risk groups for HIV/AIDS in China. Multi-sexual partners, unprotected sexual activities are very common in Chinese MSM. Survey on HIV Prevalence and risk behavior among MSMs is urgent to prevention HIV epidemic in MSM population.

Methods: Snow-ball sampling method was used and 6 representative cities were selected. Samples were recruited through index MSM, introduction through local homosexual volunteer network and advertising at MSM magazine. A standard questionnaire was developed and trained investigators collected participants’ demographic, behavioral data. Also blood sample and urine samples were collected.

Results: 1384 effective questionnaires were collected. 84.28% participants recognized themselve as gay/bisexual orientation. 84.82% and 80.71% participants practiced oral and anal intercourse with men within the last 6 months; 47.69% of participants looked for casual sexual partners in MSM movable places and had sex with them. Moreover, 29.26% of participants reported had sex with women in the last 6 month. 82.65% samples reported ever condom use during men-to-men sex. 63.03% used condom in the last insertion anal sex. Only 12% MSM ever used condom during oral sex. 9.67% participants reported condom damage or slip during intercourse. Gonorrhea, crab louse, Non-gonococcus urethritis and condylomata acuminate are very common among men who have sex men. About 20% samples reported that they were ever attacked by the above STIs. 13 samples (0.94%) were tested HIV positive.

Conclusions: Though HIV prevalence was relative low in Chinese MSMs, however high-risk sexual behaviors still existed in MSMs. They often practiced unsafe sex. Once HIV enters the MSM population in some cities, it will quickly spread in this group. In addition, MSMs often had sex with females. Virus can transmit between MSMs and prostitutes, then transmit to to general population. Urgent harm reduction program and health education program should be implemented to reduce the epidemic risk of HIV among MSMs.

AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. WEAC0304

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"H.Xu, et al. HIV epidemic status and behavioral surveillance among MSM in China. Oral abstract session: AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. WEAC0304"