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Sexual Identity of MSM in Nigeria

O. Olowu1, J. Ademowo2

Same-sex sexualities among males in Nigeria exist in different forms and across different levels-social, cultural and economic. This investigation assessed the sexual orientation and identities of men who had sex with men in an identified community in South West Nigeria.

Sexual orientation was measured along the lines of sexual behaviours while sexual identity was assessed on a two-pronged scale of private and public sexual identity.

The subjects of the investigation had an average age of 26 and were predominantly educated with 67% in institutions of higher learning. They predominantly belonged to lower and middle class families. 49.7% of MSM are dominantly homosexual; 38.2% are dominantly bisexual and 12.1% are dominantly heterosexual. Existence was established of partnership of different forms-commercial, transactional, non-commercial etc among the respondents.

There is a diversity of sexual orientation and partnership among MSM. Majority of respondents are of homosexual orientation while maintaining a heterosexual public identity. The diversities of these communities should be taken into consideration and strategies developed to address their needs in HIV/AIDS intervention programmes.

AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. CDD0198

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"O.Olowu, et al. Sexual Identity of MSM in Nigeria. : AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. CDD0198"