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HIV risk behavior and prevalence among MSM in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam

M. Truong Tan1, T. Ton That2, D. Colby3

Background: The Center for Health Education and Communication (CHEC) has been promoting sexual health safety and HIV/AIDS prevention for men in Khanh Hoa Province since 2002. In order to better target programs for MSM, CHEC conducted the first research on HIV risk and prevalence among MSM in the province

Methods: 295 MSM aged 15 and over were recruited through Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) in one city and 4 rural districts within the province. A standardized questionnaire was used to collect data on demographics, knowledge and risk behavior. Blood was taken for HIV testing (Genscreen, BIOGRAD).

Results: median age was 24. Sexual orientation was 47% bisexual, 46% homosexual, and 7% heterosexual. Condom use was high (61%) but use of water-based lubricants was very low (3%) and most (72%) used no lubricants. One-third of MSM had multiple sexual partners and one-quarter had ever received money for sex. Condom use for the last anal sex was 82% but only 17% for oral sex. Many MSM also have had sex with women (44%). 46% of respondents agreed that homosexuals are at higher risk for HIV. None of the men tested positive for HIV.

Conclusions: Although we cannot conclude that there are no MSM infected with HIV in the province, the fact that none of the 295 MSM sampled tested positive indicates that HIV is not yet widespread in this population. We found many MSM living in the rural areas, most of whom do not identify as homosexual or gay. It is necessary to target HIV prevention to these MSM, perhaps through an internet site which may be more accessible to them. For urban MSM, a drop-in center can be built.

AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. CDC1659

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"M.TruongTan, et al. HIV risk behavior and prevalence among MSM in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. : AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. CDC1659"