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Men who have sex with men in Uganda; breaking the silence

H. Busibe

Issues: A number of factors maintain the perception that the epidemic in Uganda is hetero sexual, several infection rates are determined through self surveillance at antenatal clinics and no risk categories are used, it is popularly believied that homosexuality is not African and stigma against homosexual relations makes them invisible. Many men practicing sex with other men don’t label themselves via a category of sexual orientation, despite this there are many institutional and non-institutional locations in which MSM takes place. The invisibility of this behaviour and the de- gaying of the disease in Uganda means that prevention efforts and public awareness campaigns are not targeted at this population.

Description: This paper cut out lines currently under taken by Rainbow project, a gay and lesbian health and development support group in Kampala – Uganda. The methodology is that a sex mapping where a sexual relations with other men/ issues addressed in these interviews include quality and location of contact, types of behaviour engaged in ,power dynamics between these men, and safer sex knowledge and practice in tense interactions. These initiatives will then be analyzed and recommendations made on how to engage this population with prevention interventions.

Conclusions: This study will bring together research undertaken by the Rainbow project and their analysis of clients of male sex workers, msm in practises, and sex mapping of male youths in a surbubs around Kampala. It shows the pervasiveness of sexual contacts between men with a wide range of sexual orientations and informs efforts to lobby national strategy on prevention and targeted internvations in a community based model.

AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. CDD0380

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