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High risk for HIV, HSV-2, and syphilis among MSM in Peru

T J Coates1, C F Caceres2, J Klausner3, S Leon2, J Pajuelo2, S Kegeles4, A Maiorana4, F Jones5
1University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles,CA, United States; 2Cayetano Heredia University, Lima, Peru; 3San Francisco Department of Health, San Francisco CA, United States; 4Univeristy of California, San Francisco CA, United States; 5Naval Medical Research Center-Detachment, Lima, Peru

Background: We attempted to understand the epidemiology of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among three groups of men in Peru: A general population sample of young men, ''Esquineros'' (heterosexually identified, unemployed men, who often have transactional sex and use drugs/alcohol); ''Men who only have sex with men (MSoM); Methods: General population sample: We recruited 668 men (mean age=33.2), using cluster probability household sampling techniques in 30 barrios in Lima, Chiclayo, and Trujillo in Peru. 172 MSoM (mean age=26.70 and 922 esquineros (mean age=22.6) were recruited using targeted sampling strategies in the same barrios as the general population samples. All men were interviewed using computer-assisted interviewing techniques assessing demographic characteristics and sexual risk behaviors. We also collected whole blood specimens for syphilis, HSV-2 and HIV antibody status as part of a large HIV/STD prevention trial. We determined syphilis by RPR (Organon-Teknika, U.K.) with TPPA confirmation (Fujirebio, Japan); HSV-2 status by type-specific enzyme immunoassay (EIA) (HerpeSelect, Focus Technologies, USA) and HIV status by two different EIAs (Biomerieux and Biorad, USA) with Western blot confirmation (Biorad, USA). Chlamydia and gonorrhea were determined from urogenital specimens by polymerase chain reaction (Amplicor, Roche, USA)
ResultsMSoMEsquinerosGeneral Pop
Unprotected intercourse67%77%28%

Conclusions: HIV, herpes, and syphilis are epidemic among MSM. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are prevalent among esquineros. Targeted campaigns aimed at HIV and STI prevention among these populations are an urgent need in Peru. Studies are needed to determine the degree to which these results generalize to other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

The XV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. WePpC2067

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