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Prevalence of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases amongst MSM population in Mumbai, India

P Palwade1, H Jerajani1, R K Ashok2, S Shinde1, A Vivek2
1Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and Lokmanya Tilak General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai, Mumbai, India; 2Humsafar Trust, Mumbai, India

Background: Men having sex with men forms a hidden segment of society in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, India and is at a greater risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection.
Method: All men attending a Voluntary Testing and Counseling Center in a densely populated area in Mumbai during April 2002 to July 2003 underwent pre test counseling, clinical examination and serological test for the HIV antibodies.
Results: During the study period of 16 months, 1700 men attended the center for voluntary testing and counseling. 90.4%(1537) were males and 9.6%(163) transgenders. Most of the patients were young with 47.3% patients of age group 20 - 24 years followed by 21.2% age group 25 - 29 years.99%(1684) patients consented for the serological test for HIV, 90.4%(1523/1684) males and 9.6%(161/1684) transgenders. General HIV seropositivity amongst the VCTC attendees was 15.6%. On stratifying HIV seropositivity further, 11.3% males and 55.9% transgenders were seropositive.12.6%(214/1700) suffered from sexually transmitted disease, 11.6%(179/1537) males and 21.5%(35/163) transgenders. HIV seropositivity was 34.1% amongst those who suffered from sexually transmitted disease.

Conclusion: There is alarmingly high prevalence of HIV infection in MSM population as compared to general population in India. Situation is still more difficult in male commercial sex workers. High rate of sexually transmitted diseases in them carries greater risk of acquiring HIV infection. Thus timely intervention is required to control and prevent transmission of HIV and STI in this marginalized population in India

The XV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. C10822

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" P Palwade , , et al. Prevalence of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases amongst MSM population in Mumbai, India. CD Only: The XV International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. C10822"