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HIV/AIDS intervention for and with men who have sex with men in south-west, Nigeria-Alliance AIDS initiative

O O Odumuye
Alliance AIDS Initiative, Ibadan, Nigeria

There is a realization that the progression of HIV/AIDS into an epidemic within the Nigerian context has disproportionately affected men who have sex with men. The HIV infection rate amongst MSM is higher than in the general population. This is due to high incidence of multiple sex partners, unprotected anal and oral sex, the hidden or closet nature of MSM sexual relations in the Nigerian communities due to widespread and intitutionalised stigmatization and discrimination of MSM, coupled with the persistent criminalization of homosexual sex and the attendant violence visited visited upon MSM, all have contributed in no small measure to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS amongst MSM in Nigeria.
Realising the importance of MSM to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, Alliance rightsNigeria[A.R.N]-the Nigerian sexual minorities equality rights advocacy organisation, commenced implementation of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS intervention pilot project for and with MSM in south west Nigeria which had the following components: Formative research, Advocacy, BCC, Peer education/Capacity building, Referals for STI's treatment, VCCT, Condom & Water based lubricant promotion and provision of care and support services for PLWHA/PABA.
Lessons learned:
The intervention led to increased knowledge of HIV prevention methods, decrease in incorrect beliefs about AIDS and comprehensive and correct knowledge about AIDS and an accepting attitude towards PLWHA within the target population, MSM.
The project is replicable in reource constrained settings, especially in Sub-saharan African countries, where Homophobia is prevalent.

The XV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. WePeE6860

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