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Cross-sectional study among the male prisoners in Davao city jail, Philippines

A A L Concepcion
De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines

This is a cross-sectional study among the male prisoners in Davao City Jail. It sought to determine the knowledge of the male prisoners on HIV/AIDS and describe the forms of HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors they engaged in during incarceration.

Data were generated from a survey of 155 randomly selected male prisoners. The survey had two stages. First, the 155 respondents were asked to participate to determine how many of them engaged in any of the HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors. Then, the respondents were reduced to 60 for the individual face-to-face interviews.

It was found that almost half of the respondents had low level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS, less than a third had average level of knowledge, and less than a fourth had high level of knowledge. The study also revealed that of the 16 male prisoners who engaged in HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors, several engaged in piercing or wounding activities with sharing of used instruments. Very few engaged in tattooing with sharing of used instruments while only one engaged in unprotected orally receptive sex with multiple male partners.

Bivariate analysis of the respondents' level of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and their HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors in prison showed that those with high level of knowledge were less likely to engage in HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors than those with low level of knowledge. Other factors found to be related with the respondents' HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors in prison included age, civil status, educational level, length of stay in prison, recidivism, having visitors and receiving financial and material support.

It is recommended that a comprehensive, prison-based STD/HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program be developed. Social and demographic factors must be considered in setting up such institution-based health programs. Marginalized groups like the prisoners deserve such attention.

The XIV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. MoPeC3513

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