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What gets measured matters: is violence against women on the HIV donor agenda? Women Won’t Wait campaign (WWW) one year on

N. Mukhia

Issues: Around the world today, women and girls continue to be at alarming risk of HIV infection as a result of discrimination, marginalization and pervasive violence. Though some progress has been made by some agencies, national and global AIDS responses still have not comprehensively addressed this deadly intersection. Progress remains hard to measure because there are few efforts to track and specify funds that address the linkages between violence against women and HIV.
Description: As a follow up to the WWW report, Show Us the Money, we assess the policies, programmes, and funding patterns of UNAIDS, PEPFAR, the GFATM and the World Bank to ascertain whether they have increased their efforts to integrate attention to violence against women in the last year. We also elaborate specific recommendations for these agencies to strengthen their response to this health and human rights crises.
Lessons learned: Overall, the year has been promising, with several of the agencies taking bold steps toward making their operations more “gender-sensitive.” The most significant steps were taken by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to develop a more gender-sensitive response to the three diseases, and by UNAIDS. Among the agencies we reviewed, UNAIDS was the only one to introduce new activities specifically designed to confront violence against women and girls in the context of the HIV pandemic by including violence against women in their the 2005-2008 estimation of Global Resource Needs. Despite these efforts, much more remains to be done, particularly in terms of tracking the flow of resources in order to determine whether these agencies are living up to their policy promises.
Next steps: The Women Won’t Wait campaign continue to call for accountability and more action by donors and governments. In addition we propose advocacy positions that can be taken by women’s, HIV and human rights organisations.

AIDS 2008 - XVII International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. TUPE0630

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" N. Mukhia What gets measured matters: is violence against women on the HIV donor agenda? Women Won’t Wait campaign (WWW) one year on. : AIDS 2008 - XVII International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. TUPE0630"