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IAS Governing Council (GC) 2014-2016

The IAS is pleased to announce the results of the 2014 IAS GC Elections and to present the IAS GC in 2014-2016 that will take office on 25 July at the closing of AIDS 2014.

Election results: 2014 IAS GC Elections

IAS GC in 2014-2016

To mark the 25th anniversary of the International AIDS Society, we have captured the memories and observations of all 13 IAS Presidents from 1988 onwards through a series of video interviews. Each of our Presidents looks back on their tenure as IAS President and reflects on the development of the HIV epidemic and what impacted them the most over during the last 30 years.

Watch the IAS presidents' videos

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AIDS News Worldwide

Compiled and written by Mark Mascolini on behalf of the IAS

Ugandan Court Strikes Down Antigay Law, But Revival Possible
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Transmitted ARV Resistance Rate at 9% in Serbia From 2002 to 2011
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Global HIV Prevalence May Be 19% Lower Than 2012 UNAIDS Estimate
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Lymphoma IRIS in 12% of US Cohort After Starting Antiretrovirals
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Low Vitamin D Linked to AIDS and Death in 9-Country ACTG Analysis
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Higher Vitamin D Tied to Lower Short-Term Death Risk in EuroSIDA
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New HIV Rate 20% Lower in Women With Only Circumcised Partners
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High NNRTI Resistance Rate in Johannesburg Babies in PMTCT Era
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